Offset Pickups

Singlecoil Pickups with wire wound directly onto Alnico Rods. The black sheep of the Fender family, thin and wide Jazzmaster pickups produce a unique tone renowned for Surf, Alternative, Jazz, Blues and Rock. Mustang Pickups fit in the family with their construction similar to Stratocaster Pickups coupled with a shorter scale guitar to create their individual sound used in all types of genres.

Jazzmaster pickups come with a choice of black or white covers, with or without holes.
Mustang pickups come with a choice of black or white covers, all with no holes.


Bright, Clear and Sparkly


Wound just like the originals with the correct height grey bobbins. True surf heaven, these pickups have the classic voicing that only Alnico V rods, 42AWG Plain Enamel wire and a thin, wide bobbin can produce. Famously used throughout a wide range of genres, these are a fantastic upgrade for any offset fan!

Neck DCR = 7.15K
Bridge DCR = 7.57K

Alnico V Rod Magnets

Vintage style grey bobbins

Hand Scatterwound 42AWG Plain Enamel wire

Vintage style cloth push back wire


Articulate, Warm and Edgy


A Hot pickup for players that prefer a thicker sounding bridge pickup in their Jazzmasters. Vintage sized like the Lightning pickups, Thunders differ with thinner 43AWG Plain Enamel Wire. The thinner wire allows for a greater output increasing attack, mids and smoothing out the top end. Great clean and fantastic cranked!


Bridge DCR = 12.5K

Alnico V Rod Magnets

Hand Scatterwound 43AWG Plain Enamel Wire

Vintage Style cloth push back wire


Smooth, Rich and Full

Auroras are simply creamy, warm, gooey and rich. The Alnico II rod magnets provide more mid range and bottom end taking these Jazzmaster pickups away from surf territory and into blues, rock and alternative sounds. Great through a fuzz and a perfect candidate for modernising your Jazzmaster. The Enamel coated copper wire is formed just for Heavy Air using very strict specifications resulting in a higher inductance than normal meaning more harmonics, warmth and articulation.


Neck DCR = 8.5K
Bridge DCR = 10K

Alnico II Rod Magnets

Hand Scatterwound 42AWG Golden Plain Enamel Wire

Vintage Style cloth push back wire


Snappy, Bright and Vintage

These Mustang pickups are wound based on a terrific sounding set from 1969, with just a tad more output on the bridge. Further tweaked with Alnico II rod magnets, they remove all traces of the notorious ‘icepick’ tone and shift the timbre into a much more rounded range whilst keeping the snap and sparkle you expect from a vintage singlecoil pickup. Great for rich smooth leads and punchy rhythm, Narwhal pickups will pair beautifully with rock, blues and even those Grunge power chords we all secretly love!



Neck DCR = 5.5K
Bridge DCR = 5.9K

Alnico V Magnet

Hand Scatterwound 42AWG Plain Enamel wire

Asymmetrical coils to increase top end

Vintage cloth inside metal braided wire

Available with 4 conductor wiring for no extra charge