Custom Pickups

Custom Pickups


Sometimes you don’t feel like ordering something from the menu or you’d like to alter something to suit you a little better. For those moments, there is the Heavy Air Custom Shop. Here is where you can alter almost any parts of an existing model, or completely create your own pickup!



Different types of Magnets available; Alnico -2,3,4,5 and 8. Ceramic 6 and 8.

Humbucker Covers; Gold, Nickel, Chrome, Raw Nickel (satin), Open Chrome, Open Black-Chrome, Plastic Black and Plastic White.

Humbucker Bobbins: Double Screw or Double Slug. Black, White, Aged White or Cream. Bobbins can be any combination

Humbucker Slugs and Poles: Gold, Nickel, Black and Black Hex poles.

Stratocaster Covers: I keep Black, White, Parchment and Mint in stock but any colour can be ordered for you.

Telecaster Covers: Gold, Chrome or Raw Nickel (satin) are available for the neck. The wrapping on the bridge bobbin can be any colour you can think of or black cloth tape. The Neck pickup be wrapped instead of having a cover.

Pickups can be wound to any output, be it a little hotter or cooler than one of my stock models, or to whatever output you like!

Here are some examples of previously made Custom Pickups that are quite far from ordinary!

This is a Jazzmaster Pickup built like a P90. It has two Alnico 8 bar magnets underneath which magnetise the polepieces which are black allen key screws. This pickup was wound very hot to a massive 17k DCR! A very powerful sounding pickup with great harmonics, it’s a big hit!

This is a Humbucker sized Singlecoil pickup. It has Alnico 2 rod magnets for the polepieces and was wound to 8k DCR. It has a very clear tone somewhere between a Stratocaster and a Jazzmaster Pickup.

Here is a Humbucker sized Singlecoil with a Steel rail for the polepieces. There are 2 Alnico 2 magnets underneath powering it. It was wound hot to 13k DCR. This particular Pickup had a very punchy low end and sounded great with a fuzz pedal!

Not all frets are square! These Humbuckers are not only 7 stringed but are angled to fit a fanned fret guitar. The customer in this occasion requested to have the jumper wires left unfinished as he handmade great looking wooden covers to epoxy the Pickups into.