What Spacing do I need on my Humbucker?


Bridge Humbuckers come in 50mm (standard) or 53mm (known as F spaced) string spacing. Neck Humbuckers are always 50mm spaced. The spacing is measured from the center of the E string polepiece, to the center of the opposite e string polepiece. Most bridges create a 50mm spacing for bridge Humbuckers, those include: Tune’omatics and Wraparounds. Some bridges are wider and require F spaced Humbuckers, those include: Most Tremolos, Telecaster bridges and Fender bridges in general.

Still not sure what spacing you need? Click on More Info for a drawing!


What does RWRP mean and do I need it?

RWRP is shorthand for ‘Reverse Wound, Reverse Polarity’. This means that one of the pickups is wound in the opposite direction to the others and also has the opposite magnetic polarity. What this does is fatten up the tone when 2 pickups are used. It also removes most of the background hum found in singlecoils.

Non RWRP, or standard is when all the pickups are wound in the same direction and polarity. This makes an out of phase ‘quacky’ sound that is brighter with less bottom end and slightly quieter than RWRP when 2 pickups are used together.

All Singlecoil pickups can be wound either way for no extra charge.

What’s the deal with 4 conductor wiring versus standard on Humbuckers?

As standard, Humbuckers come with an earth and a live setup known as 2 conductor. 4 conductor is when there are 4 wires (plus a common ground) which represent the start and finish of each coil. This configuration opens up many wiring options from coil taps to series wiring and a bunch of others when wired with switches. There is no extra charge for 4 conductor wiring.


I like the sound of your “model X” but it’s a little too hot/vintage for me, can you change it slightly for me?

Of course! I make each pickup to order for this exact reason. There are so many types of music and play styles that it would be impossible for me to have a wide enough catalogue to suit everyone. Generally there is no extra charge for customising, unless you want a component that costs more money or takes considerably longer to build. Simple rule here is if it doesn’t cost me more in time or money then it won’t cost you a penny more!